BOBO Gallery, IBMA, Colorado!!!!

So… Tonight will be the last time the Jon Stickley Trio has the honor of performing with our beloved, enigmatic drummer, Ryan Oslance. He’ll be heading to Europe to tour with his other band, Aleuchatistas, and has not yet determinged when he’ll be getting back (though we are planning a Colorado tour for next summer), we’ll miss you buddy! We play at BOBO Gallery tonight at 9:30 sharp. Lyndsay Pruett will be on violin.

Tomorrow, Town Mountain’s headed over to Hippy Jack’s Festival outside of Nashville for Thursday and Friday, then headed to Louisville, KY to play the Hideaway Saloon.

IBMA in Nashville, Monday and Tuesday of next week, and then flying to Colorado to play Avagadro’s Number in Ft. Collins, the DAM in Durango, a wedding at Dunton Hot Springs.

Hope to see YOU on this trip!!!!


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