Speakeasy, High Rock Outfitters, Jack of Hearts, One Stop Deli

Hey y’all,

Its been a long hard 55 degree winter, but I think things are about to thaw… the first sign of spring is the Jon Stickley Trio gettting back on the road! Looking forward to an exciting spring of music making, and sharing the music we’ve been working on recording all winter! Thats right, the Jon Stickley Trio album is nearly complete and I cant wait to share it with all of you… stay tuned for details concerning this. We are leaving today for Carborro to play the Speakeasy (takin’ it back to the Big Fat Gap glory days! Hopefully some of them will come out and play with us tonight). Tomorrow night (Fri) we’ll be heading to Lexington, NC to play High Rock Outfitters with Underhill Rose. For this show the trio will consist of Jeff Stickley of Hammer No More The Fingers on drums, ad Lyndsay Pruett on fiddle. Can’t wait! Then Saturday, heading up to Weaverville to play Jack of Hearts! This trio will be Mike Ashworth on drums and Lyndsay Pruett on fiddle (THE ALBUM BAND!!!). Looking forward to gettting the band back together that recorded the album this past winter. Its been a real pleasure playing with so many wonderful artists as part of the Jon Stickley Trio. Just a quick shoutout to those who have been a part so far- Lyndsay Pruett, Bobby Britt, Andy Thorn, Jeff Sipe, Sav Sankaran, Joseph Scott, Stig Stiglets, Ryan Oslance, Jason Flornoy, Jeff Stickley, Mike Ashworth, John Frazier… and to those who are yet to come including, Tony Rice, Skrillex, Pink, David Grisman, and Michael Jordan! Man it feels good to be back in my website. Much Love! Stick

p.s. look out for BEARS!

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