Music Video Asheville!

We’ve been selected as a finalist for music video Asheville! Looking forward to this red carpet event. So much creativity in this town. Can’t wait to see what everyone has come up with. The video is from my upcoming solo release and features a new track, “Darth Radar”. The video was directed by Brian Adam Smith, and stars Megan Jackson, Chloe Edmonstone, Lilly Scharf, Casee Hogg, and Sofia Miller. Puppets by Madison Cripps. Costume Design by Danielle Miller at Royal Peasantry, and makeup by Mindy Carson, and camera by Taylor Hellhake… It was all shot at the Phil Mechanic Studios in the river arts district. So we can go ahead and say that it was an amazing collective effort featuring some of Asheville’s best! If you’re interested in attending the awards you can get tickets here:  MVA2014_officialselection-2

JS32014 so far…

Whew… Happy New Year! Oh yeah that was three months ago… Started off with JS3 SKI TOUR 2014. Started trip by driving straight to Boulder from Asheville. Eh, no big deal. Only 22 hours. Then dove head first into some of the most epic shows yet including Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, The Park House, Mountain Sun, Steve’s Guitars, Dolores River Brewing, and Sabrosa Grand Junction. Was great to get back to some spots that I haven’t seen since the Broke Mountain days. Also had the pleasure of playing with my best buddy and old Broke Mountain/Big Fat Gap band mate, Andy Thorn. He’s the worlds bast banjo player. Don’t argue with me. Between epic jams and EPIC drives, we managed to squeeze in some shredding of some nar near pow pow at Arapahoe Basin and Loveland. Lyndsay vastly improved from last year and barely fell at all! She’s flatland warm weathered warm blooded Floridian and heart but is slowly making the transition to Rocky Mountain Ski girl… Fell in love with CO more than ever on that trip and cannot WAIT to get back this summer for Pagosa Folk n Bluegrass, Rapidgrass, and Gunnygrass!

SUWANEE SPRINGFEST!!! It’s Wednesday after the festival, and my brain just started working well enough to write this. It was amazing and exhausting. I can honestly say that last weekend was the best festival I have EVER been to. It was a pleasure to be there as an “artist at large” for the first time. Sitting in with my friends and heroes was just unbelievable. Thank you Greensky Bluegrass, Travelin’ McCourys, Steep Canyon Rangers, Town Mountain, and Uproot Hootanany for having me up and allowing me to share in the experience of making your beautiful music. And then the real picking began… Every night the hours between midnight and dawn were filled with more notes, songs, friends, and more notes than you could ever imagine. Bill Monroe Shrine and Camp Gary, and all the ASHEVILLIANS brought the heat this year like never before. So as you can imagine, I am still EXHAUSTED but in the best way. There truly is a SPIRIT of the Suwanee that gets stronger every year. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who was a part of making it happen. I hope to never miss it again.

April’s on it’s way… Stay tuned for a music video release and, oh yeah, MERLEFEST!!!!

Much love to you all,


Johnny Colorado

Well I always somehow forget how amazing it is to come out here and play music! Couldn’t ask for a better audience, cooler venues, or more beautiful scenery. Loved The Park House Whiskeygrass Wednedsays and Cervantes Grass for that A$$ Thursdays. Thanks everyone for coming out! Keep an eye on the rest of our tour dates and maybe we’ll see ya down the line!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hard to believe we’re wrapping up 2013 woooah… Been a whirlwind of a year, and I’d like to thank everyone who has been a part of all of the music I’ve been lucky enough to make this year. Keep an eye on our tour dates for holiday shows. In the studio this week producing Jesse Iaquinto’s “Fireside Collective” album featuring some of Asheville and East Tennessee’s finest. great to be working in the Sound Temple again with Robert George. Also this month, I’ll be working in another great Asheville Studio with members of Steep Canyon Rangers, Leftover Salmon, Town Mountain, and more to record Songs From The Road Band III.

JS3 featured on WUNC Back Porch Music Sampler!

So proud to be part of the WUNC Back Porch Music sampler CD this year! WUNC is one of the best public radio stations in the world, and Back Porch Music played all weekend long in my house growing up. The Back Porch Music Sampler CD will be used during the fall fund drive as a prize I believe, so make sure to call in and pledge some dough to keep this amazing station up and running.

Review of Album in BOLD Life Magazine

As unique a band as I’ve heard in quite some time, Jon Stickley and his trio are on the forefront of the newgrass movement. While reading the band’s bio, I realized I’ve heard John’s work in a variety of other regional bands, but nothing quite like this. The Jon Stickley Trio not only walks a line between bluegrass and jazz, but completely blurs that line in the process. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a more perfect union of any genres of music as on Jon Stickley Trio, nor did I ever anticipate that these two particular genres would ever blend so seamlessly. Of course, in the hands of less-skilled musicians, they might not, but in the hands of Lyndsay Pruett, Bobby Britt and others, this album simply shines with song after song of fantastically energetic, progressive “jazzgrass.” The arrangements are superb and fresh, and give someone like Bela Fleck a real run for his money. I don’t say this often, but Jon Stickley Trio is the kind of album that reminds me that while I’ve been playing music for over twenty years, I still don’t have the kind I chops I wish I did.


BOLD Life Magazine