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  1. Jon.

    Sorry I couldn’t stick around the other night. I was starting to feel ill on my way over and its a good thing because I ended up with a nasty cold. But hey at least I got a copy of your Trio’s album. IT IS INCREDIBLE. You have gotten so much better then I even imagined. I was wayyy impressed with eveyone’s playing on that album. Hope you get this in time–but I am going to try to make it up to the raleigh concert this thurs. If I see you there maybe we can catch up then. Take care good buddy!

  2. Man, really dug your Wednesday set at Floydfest. I was blown away. Its been driving me nuts since then trying to figure out the name of one of your instrumentals during that set. It sounded to me like a sector nine tune. It definitely had that STS9 feel from the drum kit. I wish i could give a better description. Any clue what i could b talking about.? Or better yet, do u have the setlist? Thanks!

  3. Hey! Im a music teacher – classically trained, but studying Irish fiddle and whistle now – and just ran across your name online. I noticed you were going to play in Bristol, TN – That’s where my Stickley family is from! (I now live in Ponte Vedra, FL.)
    Do you have relatives from there, as well?
    BTW – My Daddy’s name was Don Stickley…..kind of gave me chills to read your name!

    Maybe cousins?

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