Thanks for a great weekend!!!

Hello everyone,

Just wrapped up a great weekend with the JSTrio. Playing the Speakeasy in Carborro was a blast! Big shoutout to all those who came out. Lyndsay and I enjoyed playing as a duo, venturing into some uncharted musical territory and following some unexpected turns as we worked our way through the set. As usual, the Chapel Hill late-night-hang did not dissapoint, Happy Birthday Miles!

Friday, we met up with my brother Jeff to jam a little bit before heading up to Lexington, NC for out show at High Rock Outfitters. It was awesome having Jeff on drums! His indy rock stylings and bluegrass sensibilities were a perfect fit tor the trio. Hope to make that happen again soon… we talked about joining up for some shows with his band Hammer No More The Fingers. I’d like to get the trio in front of the rock crowd and see what happens! I think they will like it? We shared the stage with Underhill Rose who played an amazing set, what talent! They’re another group I would love to play with again sometime.

Saturday, we headed up to Jack of Hearts in Weaverville. This show was with Mike Ashworth on the drums, and proved to be the pinnacle experience of the weekend! It was the first time we have peformed as this version of the trio since recording the new album back in November… before the show I asked Mike if he had gotten a chance to listen back to the material and brush up for the gig, and the answer was a straightforward, no. In Mike’s case this is not a problem… he proceeded to absolutely obliterate song after song. He might be the best drummer ever. Thanks Mike! I can’t wait to get the album out! Thanks to everyone who made it out to this show. Happy Birthday Dorothy! I hoped you liked your song: Stairway to Free Wagonwheel. Also, we just booked this version of the trio to play White Squirrel Festival down in Brevard on May 26th!!! We’ll be playing at 7:30pm right before Firecracker Jazz Band. SON!

Wrapped it all up with Bluegrass Brunch at the One Stop in Asheville. Talk about a good Bloody Mary Bar! Great Weeked, thanks to everyone, can’t wait to do it again soon!

Dec.16th!!! Stickley Brothers w/ Mandolin Orange & Phil Cook (Megafaun)

Hey everyone! Especially Chapel Hill/Durham people… my new favorite project, Stickley Brothers, has been added to the bill for the Mandolin Orange holiday reunion at the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC. Phil Cook of Megafaun will also be performing.

Jeff Stickley (Hammer No More The Fingers) and I have been playing a fun mix of brother style duets, original instrumentals, and some good ol’ favorites from the punk days!

Special guest for this set TBA (he plays banjo).


Shakori Hills!

Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival

I’ve been lucky enough to be at almost every Shakori Hills since the festival began. I remember when my good friend and band-mate Robert Mitchener told me he was “helping buy a farm in Chatham County where his friends were going to throw a really great festival,” I was like, “OK, how many people have told me they’re starting a festival and hen you never hear anything else about it.” Well it happened, and I was blown away! The dancing, picking, music, art, and FOOD are all off the charts, but the most beautiful part was the VIBE. It’s really unlike any festival I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a lot! So of course you can understand my excitement to be booked there this year with my new trio. Not to mention that my brother’s band, Hammer No More the Fingers, will be there as well as my first bluegrass band, Big Fat Gap, who is having a reunion set! Another highlight for me will be Emmitt-Nershi Band who is accompanied by my best bluegrass buddy, Andy Thorn. He has also been a member of Big Fat Gap. Oh, and did I forget to mention we get to see Bela Fleck and the Flecktones!? Can’t hardly wait!